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“I appreciate the willingness of Tony and his folks to fix a persistent problem. Every time I have experienced a problem with my vehicle Tony responds with enthusiasm and excitement. It makes me want to go get my vehicle repaired…Timely vehicle repair and a comfort that no matter what the issue with my vehicle Tony and his folks will get me back on the road.” S.R., Meridian ID

“My wife and I trust Tony and Darcy. That is the biggest reason we return to Blaz’N Diagnostics to have them work on our vehicles. They stand behind their work …The biggest benefit we have gotten from Blaz’N Diagnostics is trust…Tony has gone the extra mile for us and those we have referred. I am comfortable referring my friends to Blaz’N Diagnostics because I know they will get the best care from a knowledgeable mechanic. S.K, Boise ID

“Tony and crew were very friendly. Tony took time to explain everything he was doing and checking in detail-he went over all the things that could be wrong and made suggestions as to what we should do first. Tony knew we had a very tight budget and helped us stay in that budget. When my car was returned it was washed and vacuumed, but most of all now it runs properly. R.N., Boise, ID

“My car runs so well after a visit I have to return for assurance it’s okay! I wish I could find a doctor to take care of me like Tony and crew care for my old Ford. Tony and crew are people you can trust. I receive quality care for my car because of their mechanical expertise. They really go the extra mile-vacuumed and washed my very dirty car before returning it to me and Darcy has given my rides home often.” B.P., Boise, ID

“Because of the confidence with the diagnosis, repairs, service, and persona attention, we feel that Blaz’N Diagnostics is like our family auto repair shop.

Our positive experience with the company occurred in June, 2006. Our Altima was actually towed to eight (8) various repair shops because our car just “stopped”. All eight repair shops tinkered with our car sufficiently to have the car leave their shop. Shortly, on all eight occasions, we were on the back of a tow truck where this situation repeated itself. Our friends offered us the name of their favorite mechanic. On the way to this location, we accidentally turned into Blaz’N Diagnostics, not the recommended mechanic. However, because of their pleasant manner, their confidence in their abilities to fix our car even after we told them of our current difficult problems, we had them repair our car.

Now, after many years, we are divorced from tow trucks and we have Blaz’N Diagnostics maintain our two vehicles to our satisfaction. We now have the benefit of being part of their family of customers with the full knowledge that they have our interest at heart and the confidence that they will properly care for our vehicles.” A.K. Boise, ID

“Trust, honesty, and being informed of problems before work is done, also cost, etc. Wife bought a used Volkswagen Cabrio. From the beginning the check engine light came on. After two or three months of having things done for the problem and $600 later, I had to get an extension from the state for a year because it would not pass emissions. At the end of the year I took it to Blaz’N Diagnostics. They replaced the mass air flow sensor…problem solved!”, C.B. Boise, ID

We felt we were treated fairly. What we really liked was being explained what was needed before going ahead. Pleasant people. Was told that if we did not feel things were okay to come back and they would fix it.”, J.S. Boise, ID

“They are very friendly and accommodating. They are honest and professional.”, F.A. and M.A. Boise, ID

“Truck would not start. Hauled it to the shop. You found out it wasn’t too serious, just a small computer chip. You keep our cars and trucks running.” F.G. and L.G. Boise, ID

“A great company, very customer friendly. You get the job done right! I had an instrument cluster replaced on my ’03 Chevy pick up. A detailed explanation of the problem was given. The repairs were done right and a follow up call was made to make sure everything was working properly. You take the time to explain the problem, give a fair estimate, say how long it will take, do not pressure, and follow through on everything.” B.F. Boise, ID

“Trust. I feel I get the facts without sugar coating the problem. Honest and respectable service. I had called about 5 places locally who didn’t even want to look at my Saab. However, Blaz’N Diagnostics did and I appreciate it. After the service I got a nice thank you card from Blaz’N, which is a very nice touch. The fact that everyone there was willing to even look at my car was a great benefit and the fact you were confident enough to work on it, even better.” S.B. Boise, ID

“I would not trust any other shop. From my first experience you have proven to be effective in your performance. Most of my auto experience has been maintenance. You have provided miracles with my daughter’s PT Cruiser. I benefit from your card and your arrangement with G.E. Money.”, J.D. Boise, ID

“Customer service was above and beyond what I expected!” A.L. Boise, ID

“Was very happy with service and will return for regular service.”, S.A. Boise, ID

“Great shop!”, G.L., Boise, ID

“Tony is great! He even washed my truck when he was done.!” J.L. Boise, ID

“Really nice people.” S.L., Boise, ID

“I was very impressed with their knowledge, helpfulness, and service.” D.R., Boise, ID

“Impressed me with their work and honestly. I would recommend.” D.G., Boise, ID

“Blaz’N Diagnostics rocks!”, N.M., Eagle, ID

“Have been a customer for years and will continue to be customers.” P.H., Eagle, ID

“Great job!” S.M., Boise, ID

“Awesome shop!” J.M., Boise, ID

“Great place always to bring our cars! Blaz’N Diagnostics has all our business.” C.M., Eagle, ID

“Great service all the way around!” J.P., Boise, ID